2019 Project  Journal

Cedars-Sinai Video shoot

19 March 2019

2018 Project Journal

Cedars-Sinai physicians and researchers discuss how philanthropy fuels and advances medical research and education.







Todd Morgan Video for Board of Governors Gala


September/ October 2018

It was a pleasure to make a video honoring humanitarian and philanthropist Todd Morgan.  We agree with Todd's friends, family and colleagues;  he truly makes the world a better place.

Why I Love What I Do Video Shoot

12 March 2018

Health care workers from all arenas of the medical world explain why they love their work.

Accelerator Pitch Videos Shoot


6 October 2018

We produced pitch videos for eight  healthcare start ups.  These companies will use their videos to attract investors and gain traction.

All Hand's Meeting

6 April  2018

Multi-camera shoot to capture day-long staff event for Cedars-Sinai's medical network. The enthusiasm and dedication of this group is beautiful .


- Campaign Closing Video Shoot

- Employee Giving Video Shoot

12 May & 30 April 2018

We created two videos in service of the biggest fundraising campaign in Cedars-Sinai's history. So gratifying to be part of this effort to raise money for vital medical research and educational programs.

Bradley Ross Video Shoot

3 March 2018

It was an inspiration to make a video about  courageous liver transplant recipient Bradley Ross.

Orange County Mattress Shoot

10 April 2018

Working with Greg Steinbrecher of Chicago's  JRR Advertising, we produced and shot a years worth of TV spots for the locally beloved Orange Country Mattress.

Grown Ups Stand Up For Kids Live Show and Video Shoot

17 February  2015

To benefit  the Santa Monica Education Foundation, we volunteered to produce and film a multi-camera comedy show.  For us Famous Shakers it was a super fun and funny way to give back..

Famous Shake
Famous Shake

Famous Shake
Famous Shake
Famous Shake